Scenic 2 Beach Hike from Boca Sami to Kokomo Beach

Want to see one of Curacao's quaintest villages and take a stroll to a popular Beach hangout? 

Photo by: Bea Moedt

Photo by: Bea Moedt

For best results you will need:

  • 2 Cars (each of them should fit all participants)  
  • About 2-4 hours
  • Backpack and or Cooler
  • Beach Equipment

You can also use public transport to get to Sint Michiel or get someone to pick you up from Kokomo Beach. Keep in mind that using your own transport will avoid waiting and give you more time to enjoy both places.

Boca Sami Parking Lot, with Kokomo in the Distance

Boca Sami Parking Lot, with Kokomo in the Distance


Remember that Curacao is HOT and SUNNY! Bring sunscreen, avoid mid-day and wear suitable clothing and footwear. Don't forget your camera, there are plenty of photo opportunities. If you bring beers buy and cool them beforehand and don't pack more than you can carry comfortably.

Getting There:

If you have 2 cars, it's best to drive to Kokomo Beach first, drop off one car at the parking lot there and then drive back to Boca Sami (Sint Michiel). If you are using public transport (or you're getting a ride), it's easiest to start and end the hike at Boca Sami.  On your way to Kokomo Beach you can also stop and see flamingoes, just be careful where on the side of the road you park.

The Hike (+- 20 minutes each way):

Boca Sami Bay Entrance

Boca Sami Bay Entrance

After you've found a good park at the Boca Samil beach area parking lot, walk to the entrance of the bay (at the end of the parking lot behind the Octopus Restaurant). Cross over the the narrow bit of water and walk straight ahead, Northwest. The water will be on the left on your way to Kokomo Beach . Follow the path up that heads to the coastline.

Depending on the season there may be little cover from the sun. It's best to stay hydrated and this is where beer comes in handy, water works too but we like to save water on Curacao. Take it easy, enjoy the surroundings and watch out for the thorns and Cacti. 

Finish your drinks before you get to Kokomo

Finish your drinks before you get to Kokomo

The path is pretty straight and follows the stretch of water (straight) between  Curacao and Venezuela. If you're really lucky, you can see the north coast of our closest South American neighbor on a clear day. Don't get too close to the edge of the cliffs! They are not very high but you don't want to fall.

When you notice the trail starting to slope downwards, Kokomo is not far away. You will emerge from the bushes that surround the Parking Lot where one of the cars is parked. If you have any beers left, drink them here. Kokomo Beach does not let you bring in your own drinks, and they are not very expensive there.

Kokomo Beach:

It's free to visit and you only have to pay if you want to rent a chair. You can just park your towel on the beach for free. If you're kinda sneaky you can bring in a few drinks. Try not to be obvious, there is security at the entrance.

Kokomo beach has a nice bar and they serve food. There is also an indoor seating area and couches. You can swim out to the pontoon or just find yourself a place on the beach, in the shade or in the sun, depending on how Tan-o-Rexic you are. If you're into partying, ask the staff when the next beach party is (I've had some epic nights at Kokomo Full-Moon Parties!)

You can also Scuba dive here or rent some snorkeling equipment here if you didn't include this in your hiking kit. You can not catch a local bus from Kokomo and unless you get a ride it's not really advisable to walk here.

Sint Michiel (aka Boca Sami by locals):

There is a bunch to see here as well before the hike (or after if you need to walk back). There are a few "Sneks" and "Tokos" where you can buy drinks, get supplies and find a bite to eat.

FYI: A "Snek" is what we call a bar on Curacao. You usually stand outside and are served all kinds of drinks and snacks though an opening in the "gate" surrounding the snek.

FYI: A "Toko" is a small supermarket, often attached to a "Snek" where you can do some shopping.

De Octopus:

This Bar/Restaurant is also home to the Wederfort Dive Shop  , one of the oldest and most respected Suba outfits on the island. They have a small beach and access to the water. You can grab a bite to eat here and have a drink at local rates.

Have a look at the Fort:

You will find Fort St. Michiel on the coast as soon as you enter the village, before you take a right to head to the beach. It's about 250 years old and was built as a rear defence of Willemstad.

The place is freely accessible but overgrown in places. Parts of it are still used by the locals as a meeting place


It's worth driving  (or walking) down the coast a bit back towards Willemstad. There are some nice houses there. Boca Sami is really local, they don't get too many tourists and you may get some looks. Be friendly and you will find the locals to requite this. Keep an eye out for roaming Goats and Iguana!


Tips on driving and additional stops.

This hike is easy to get to from Willemstad. Just drive Northwest from Willemstad as if you are heading to Bandabou (Westpunt). You will see signs to St. Michiel. Take a left at the lights towards Blue Bay and continue on the Weg Naar Bullenbaai. There is a great place to do food shopping at this intersection called Centrum Supermarket. You can find a huge selection of food from Europe, USA and South America here.

Blue Bay has an 18 hole golf course you can play. The hike takes you past the West side of the course. Blue Bay is also a nice place to visit and have a drink.

Parking is free at all stops mentioned but take care to remove EVERYTHING from your vehicle whenever you park anywhere on Curacao.

Check reviews of Boca Sami on Tripadvisor. If you really want to connect with the locals do some research. There are often events held at St. Michiel like fish markets and festivals. A notable one is the Sami Sail Regatta at the end of April every year.