Tips for exploring Willemstad and Curacao from Poppy Hostel

From Poppy Hostel Curacao, you will be in a perfect location to explore the center of Willemstad on foot. There are almost 900 UNESCO listed buildings in the 2Km radius of the downtown area. Just go have a wander around, don't stay out too late tho and treat the area as you would any foreign city. I can reccomend a guided tour by this very knowledgable group of guides: (they speak English)

When you explore, have a look at: 

  • The Marche Bieu in Punda, The floating market (also in Punda). 
  • In town, I can recommend the Kura Hulanda Museum and the Maritime Museum if you want to know about Curacao History. 
  • For Nature, go visit: Schete Boca National Park and the Christoffel National Park. 

You can reach them both with the Westpunt bus (there is a bus schedule on the notice-board at Poppy Hostel) from the bus stop close to Poppy (between the Colon Shopping center and the Cemetery). Busses on Curacao are not at all like you know them in Europe, be prepared to wait! The most convenient way to visit the rest of Curacao is by rental car. I can recommend:  Blue Skies-Car Rentals you can check their offer here: Blue Skies Helicopters & Car Rental | Curacao They are located close to Poppy Hostel Google Maps

The best beaches are also on the west side of the island. I can recommend:  Porto-Marie, Playa Cas Abou and Grote Knip also known as Playa Kenepa Grandi (one of the few beaches you can reach by bus). There is a beach 10 minutes walk from Poppy. Holiday Beach is part of the Veneto Resort. If you visit, just walk through the main lobby (don't sneak around the side), then back outside on the other end. Consider buying a drink at the outside bar and act like a respectful guest. The beach is not "super" but it's close and a calm place to have a swim.

If you would like more tips just leave a comment below...

Photo by Bjørn Christian Tørrissen