Aerial Video of the Best Beaches on Westpunt

Be the Bird and Fly from East to West over the Playas of Kòrsou.

Also known as "Bandabou", The West Side has some of the island's nicest bocas. In the following clips you will meet: Playa Kalki, Playa Piskado, Grote & Kleine Knip, Playa Jeremi, Boca Santa Cruz, Historical Playa Forti and finally Playa Lagun. Since end 2015 Poppy Hostel has partnered with Skyworks, The premier aerial video production company in the Dutch Caribbean and creator of the spectacular footage in this post. 

Prepare yourself for the first 8 Beaches: The Best of Bandabou.

If readers want more, we will consider extending this post or making a new one. The author is a moderator of the Skyworks-Caribbean facebook page; feel free to leave a comment here or get in touch somehow.

Playa Piscador and Playa Kalki is where the West-Side music video was shot.

Poppy Hostel engaged to make a promotional music video with the local band Art Beat. Maybe because your host is the percussionist ;-)

You can follow Skyworks' Vimeo Channel and see all the amazing, bird's eye shots Sabine and Jacco have taken above the island of Curaçao, Bonaire, St. Maarten and more!

2016 has seen the meteoric rise of this innovative production house on the tiny Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao. Contacts have been streaming in thanks in part to their impressive "Beaches" series on facebook. Sabine's solid graphic design background and Jacco's pilot training, make them the UAV-Film Dream-Team. We at Poppy Hostel were granted exclusive permission to embed and display this drone video compilation of some of the top beaches on the Westpunt (or Westpoint) of Curaçao.

During the filming in Dec. 2015, we were joined by Tilo and Yvonne from Underwater Video Producers from Dusseldorf, Germany. This husband and wife team used "The West Side" as the soundtrack for this excellent drone/scuba video-clip.

West Side - Aerial footage by Panasonic GH4 and Yuneec H920 Tornado - Underwater footage by Sony FS700 & Canon 5DIII - sound: "West Side" by Art Beat ©

The Best Beaches of Bandabou

Playa Kalki

Located just under the Kura Hulanda Lodges you will find Kalki Beach. You can walk through the Resort to get to this beach. They have secure parking. Don't ever leave a thing in your car if there is no security guard! The beach is is also freely accessible, parking is not secure, however. Tip: Bring your own drinks as the beach-bar is a rip-off. 

Playa Piscador

(aka Playa Grandi) is where you can see the local fish catch being cleaned. You will also see Pelicans eating the discarded innards right next to the fishermen. Tip: Jump off the end of the Banco di Caribe Pier like I did in the music-vid.

BEACHES CURAÇAO PART 1 Kalki, Piskado, Grote Knip & Jeremi Thank you for sharing and liking our videos, we really appreciate it. Dushi Kòrsou! I ❤ CARIBBEAN


Knip Beach (also Playa Kenepa Grandi) is without question, the most famous and probably the favorite public beach on Curazao (sic. spanish spelling). The facilities are not the greatest but there is a bathroom and chair/lounge rental, most of the time. For a food truck, walk down to Kleine (little) Knip; there are usually some hot-dogs and burgers on sale there.

Playa Jeremi

If you want some privacy...check out Jeremi Beach. There are no facilities and a couple of nice beachlets there. There is also a new housing development next door; Jeremi Ocean Resort still has plots over right on the cliff! Tip: Weekdays are the best time to avoid unwanted public. 

The Beaches West of Willemstad

Also on sunny Bandabou you will find Playa Forti, Kleine Knip, Boca Lagun (and village) & Playa Santa Cruz. These sandy spots are easy to combine with a trip to the locations in the previous drone flight. Bandabou literally means "the low area". In contrast to it's geographical location (Northwest or above Willemstad) the name indicates status. Historically the poorer inhabitants of Curacao lived on this side of the island.

Playa Forti

Playa Forti is of significant historical significance. During the Napoleonic War at the beginning of the 19th century, there was a fortification overlooking this pebble beach. Now there is a super gross restaurant. By all means have a drink there, the view is amazing but don't eat there! I've seen the kitchen; nuff said... eat there if you're brave... jump off the platform when you see the food!

The water below is very deep, jumping is not strictly allowed (you'll see the signs) but as long as you keep your legs straight, it's only about a 25ft (8m) drop. The snorkeling here is nice, but not as good as at Lagun, the beach is a little uncomfortable but at least you don't get sandy.

Kleine Knip

Tiny and about a 20-30min walk from it's majestic bigger brother Grote Knip (seen in Video 1). This spot provides a more intimate setting and many past guests have connected with other travelers here. Take the Knip/Lagun bus, that follows the southwest coast. With a bit of walking and some patience (see #5 on my previous post top-5 list of things to bring to Curaçao) you can reach the Knips beaches by bus from Otrobanda Bus station. 

Playa Lagun 

Also featured in this second Skyworks video is Boca Lagun. This is the perfect spot to snorkel especially in the afternoon. Sea Turtles have been spotted here; best to ask around on the day. The restaurant provides simple, reasonably priced fare and they have themed nights with live music. There are a few other places to get a drink, just follow your nose. 

Playa Santa Cruz

Lush with mangroves this park is a favorite with the locals in the weekends (wikent in Papiamentu); some even bring their dragsters! Be prepared for a crowd or come on a weekday, if you're lucky there won't be a school field trip. It can also be completely deserted. Tip: There's a little fisherman's dock to the right of the beach, always a nice place to take a photo.