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Paying a security deposit within five (5) days of reserving an accommodation is esential. Without a refundable security deposit the reservation is not confirmed. Payment of a Security deposit indicates acceptance of and compliance with information and requirements of this and any future Guest User Manual. Ask your host for the most recent conditions as they may have changed.  


Your Room

House Security



Lounge (Living Room)

Washing Machine

Outdoor Area and Bicycle

Important Numbers, Dates and Contact Information

Willemstad Curacao Map



Welcome to Poppy Hostel Curacao, the one and only “Homestel” on Curacao!

Poppy Hostel operates as a Hostel in a restored and renovated heritage home, hence the description “Homestel”. The house was constructed in 1904 and since 1998 has been classified as a heritage building as part of the Willemstad UNESCO World Heritage Site. It's main features and the reason for Heritage status are: The facade (notice the green Laraha orange tree on the crest in the triangle at the top front of the house, this fruit provides the flavor for our famous Blue Curacao), The old wood burning stove (now converted to an outside BBQ) and the 5 hipped roofs. The house is built in a common Neo-Classical style using traditional Curacao building material: Coral (and whatever they could find!) You will notice the thickness of the walls and the fact that there seems to be something growing on them. This growth is not alive, it is simply sea salt crystallizing in the humidity.

All rooms are private and the rest of the house and grounds are common areas. An absolute maximum of 7 guests are able to stay at any given time. Since most guests are adventurous solo travelers, new friendships are often made. Often guests decide to explore the island together, share a rental car, day trip and/or meals. Poppy Hostel has been host to over 250 guests from more than 30 different countries from all over the World!

Since the hostel aims to offer budget accommodation in a safe and clean environment, we kindly ask that Guests observe our main rule: Respect for Your Fellow Guests. Following this golden rule will ensure that everyone has and enjoyable and memorable stay. Just pretend you are staying at your friend's house and everyone will get along great. If there are reasonable concerns, please contact one of the representatives listed at the end of the manual.

In order to keep costs down for everyone, please stay conscious of energy and water use. Turn off all; fans, lights and appliances wen not in use. Limit your water and gas use and make sure you report any leaks or faults as soon as possible. Since many guests buy and use basic food products for cooking, check with people leaving if they still have usable items. Do not hesitate to use items (like; salt, oil, spices, tea/coffee etc.) left behind by past guests on the bottom shelves of the wall-hung kitchen cabinets.

All common areas (kitchen, bathrooms, living room and hallways) are cleaned every week. This is usually done around noontime by our friendly cleaner Michelle. Sometimes her daughter, Mayka helps out too after school. No problem if you are in the hostel, just let Michelle do her thing.

Wi-Fi use is charged at US$2.00 per day per room. Please arrange this with the host checking you in, this fee is collected at check in. The ADSL internet transfer speed is 25Mb/s and is suitable for every type of use (streaming, downloads, Skype, etc). Because the walls of the hostel are thick in places, smart-phones sometimes have trouble connecting. Laptops should be able to connect from every bedroom

There is a Washing Machine (see page 9) you can use for US$3.00 per wash (washing detergent not included). There is also a Laundromat on the right side of the Breedestraat as you walk into town.


Important Numbers, Dates and Contact Info

Numbers and Contacs:

Property Manager (Art Klep):

+44-7937787054 (What'sApp Reservations)

+31(0)6-12292818 (May.-Oct.)

+599-9-5109189 (Oct.-May)

Alternate contact (Frans de Laat): (+5999) 512-9165

Fixed-line phone at the hostel: (+5999) 462-3959

Emergency number: 911

Main contact email (Art Klep): artdeco55 at

Dates and Days:

Check-in times: 15:00 to 20:00
Check-out times: 8:00 to 12:00

Sunday is a very quiet day on Curacao as more than 80% of the population is Catholic.

  • Most shops are closed, especially after 2pm. (this includes the supermarket)

  • If you want to do food shopping on Sunday the Albert Hein (find it on google) on the Schottegatweg is open from 8am to 8pm every day (it is about a 10 minute drive)

  • Buses run less frequently or not at all on Sundays

Monday night is trash collection day, if the green trash bin is not on the sidewalk, please put it there.

Curacao Events Calendar:

Your Room


  • Your room will be cleaned before and after your stay.

  • During your stay the cleaning of your room is your responsibility. (equipment for this is in the kitchen)

  • Sheets and towels are provided as part of your room fees. Caring for the is your responsibility during your stay. We have a washing machine (see instructions) or we can provide you a clean set for US$15.00 (US$20.00 for queen-size and 2 towels)

  • No one will enter your room during your stay without prior notification.

  • Please do not leave food in your room to avoid attracting insects etc.

  • Please turn off the fans and lights when you are not in your room, power is very expensive on Curacao!

  • Do not add, move or remove any furniture to/from the room without prior consent.

  • Keep the shutters closed at night and when you are not in your room. The mosquitto netting is there for your protection, leave shutters open at your own risk.

  • Please report any defects, faults and problems as soon as you notice them. (all 110V power sockets should be in working order, there are some European 220V outlets)

  • Leave all furniture in the same state/place as how/where you found them.

  • Only the agreed upon number of guests in each room.

  • For a description of keys, see the Security section on the next page.


House and Keys:

Poppy Hostel is well secured with shutters and security fencing. Please use them when you are not in the rooms/house. There are security lights at the front and back doors, please use the back door to enter and leave the house.



  • The street provides free parking closest to town. If you have a car, be aware that, in town, a parking space with numbers indicates you will need to pay for parking.

  • If you have a car, don't leave anything in your car when parking anywhere! Most beaches and tourist attractions have security at parking areas. Be especially careful when parking in seemingly deserted areas (or maybe 1 or 2 cars). Places like Shete Boca National Park and some of the quieter beaches are notorious for break-ins.

  • The Mgr. Niewindtstraat is a safe residential street. Most of the inhabitants are aware of the hostel and are very friendly and approachable. Don't hesitate to introduce yourself, especially to Gabi, the gentleman who lives in the downstairs of the green house next-door. He is very kind and sociable and also the chairman of the local community organization.

  • The main road to Punda (left at the cross-road) is called Breedestraat and is safe for foot traffic until at least midnight. If you can, travel with a companion after dark. Use your common sense when exploring the Town and the Island, like you would in any foreign country. Curacao men can be a bit macho, female guests out exploring should keep this in mind and realize that any attention is usually meant well. Other parts of Otrobanda (and Willemstad) are best explored on foot during the day.

  • Each room has a keychain with either 3 or 5 keys. Please use them and keep them on your person to avoid locking them in your room. The first lock-out will be unlocked for free, any consequent ones will incur a US$15.00 (25.00 guilders) charge. No guest has locked themselves out more than once, don't be the first one!

  • The key with the corners on it is for your room, the longest key is for the wooden outside door and the smaller key with Hartman on it is for the padlock to the gate. The 2 other small keys are for your dresser (wardrobe) and the safe inside it. If you are checking-out by yourself, please leave them in your room, DO NOT lock the room.

  • There will be a US$50.00 fee for replacing lost keys that will be charged to you on delivery or deducted from your security deposit, credit card or from you personally.


This is the most visited part of the hostel. Besides guests personal food, everything in the kitchen may be used, respectfully of course. The knives & forks, etc. are in the drawer of the table closest to the kitchen sink. We try to keep all items as clean and tidy as possible, please help us to do the same.

Please clean up left over food, dishes and utensils as soon as possible. In this climate this is the best way to avoid unwanted insects.

Recycling on curacao is uncommon. You can find a place to recycle glass outside the Colon Supermarket. Everything else should be thrown in the big green bin outside.

Certain common items may be there for you to use: Coffee filters, Salt and Spices, Cooking Oil etc. Talk to your fellow guests if you have any doubts about what you can use.

There is a small black and white cat that has adopted Poppy Hostel. She is friendly and sociable and helps keep lizards and things away. You are welcome to feed/pat/cuddle her, she has a permanent home so don't feel obliged. Try not to lock her in the house when you leave.

This is maintained for you:

  • Clean dish towels.

  • Dish washing liquid (yellow).

  • Hand soap (not yellow).

  • Plastic trash bags. (please use these inside the trash bin inside)

  • Reuseable shopping bags.

  • Sponges, Dish brush and cloth. Have a look under the sink if you can't find them.

Kitchen table:

  • Things in the drawers are also there for you to use. If you need something have a look around before you buy something, it may already be there for you.

  • The middle drawer also has Poppy Hostel Business Cards, feel free to take and/or distribute some.

  • There are brochures, maps and island guides on the table and in the drawers for you to use.


  • Find some space for your food. Writing your name on things is not essential if you communicate with the other guests.

  • To avoid food spoilage and insects (especially for guests staying longer), it is recommended to put things like; rice, muesli and bread in the fridge or freezer if you do not plan to use them quickly.

Sink and Stove:

  • There is a fluorescent light above the sink. The switch is at eye level, on the other side of the white trim of the cabinets.

  • To help prevent water splashes causing problems, please replace the plastic covers on the power points when they are not in use. Try to keep water in the sink as much as possible

  • The gas stove and oven need to be lit by hand. Please make sure to shut off the gas after use


There are 2 identical and newly renovated bathrooms at Poppy Hostel. Each bathroom is shared by up to 3-4 people, please use the bathroom indicated by the host that checks you in. If your bathroom is in use and you can't wait, using the other one is not a problem. Please respect other guests' toiletries (sometimes things like shampoo are left behind, just ask the other people using your bathroom).

Each bathroom can be locked from the inside. Just like the rooms, you can lock yourself out of the bathroom. If this happens: there are 2 keys (on a yellow plastic label) in the middle drawer of the kitchen table. Please, only use these to unlock the door if you are locked out, don't "surprise" your fellow guests. Put keys back in the same drawer.

Leaving some toiletries in the bathrooms is OK. Please do not leave your towels in the bathrooms. There are hooks provided for your towels in every bedroom.

The following items are provided for and maintained you:

  • Hand soap.
  • Toilet paper.
  • Floor mat. (after they are washed you may find them drying on the clothesline, put them back in the bathroom if you don't see them in the bathroom)


  • As you will have noticed water on Curacao is never cold. If you want to take a "hot" shower do so in the afternoon. Tap water in Otrobanda is solar heated ;)
  • There is no “hot” water. If you find the water too cold in the mornings, showering in the afternoon will be warmer.

  • Thanks to Island contracting skills, the floor of the showers collect some water. This is unavoidable.

  • Please help keep the showers in a state you would like to find them in.




  • Please do not use too much Toilet paper! Parts of the sewage system are as old as the house and sometimes get clogged if too much is used.

  •  If the toilet should clog, STOP flushing if the water rises.

  • If you are adventurous: There is an inspection lid outside on the path behind the bathrooms. Turning this lid off will expose the obstruction. Just move it along with a stick (there is one near the BBQ area)

Lounge (Living Room) Outdoor & Bike

This common area is for everyone to relax in. Please do not use the area for personal items when you are not around. Do not add or remove any furniture to or from the Lounge. The front door is a bit complicated to open, for security reasons it should stay closed. The shutters may opened, please close them when not in the room.

TV, DVD player and DVDs:

  • The TV only recieves local, free-to-air stations mainly in Papiamentu and Spanish.

  • Use the AV input on the TV to select the DVD player.

  • There are a bunch of DVDs you can use, Please put them back in their cases.

  • The DVD player also plays DIVX video files through the USB port on the front.

Books and Games:

  • The cabinet has a small library of books in various languages. You are welcome to take, borrow or leave behind any book you want.

  • There are some games and playing cards in the drawers for you to use.

Telephone and WiFi Router:

Are both located next to the TV.

The Telephone is prepaid. If you want to make a call you may need to buy a Tilin phone card. Follow the instructions on the card to transfer credit to the phone. Only buy a Tilin phone card.

If you hear the phone ring, it's probably one of the hosts calling. Please answer the phone.

The Wifi network is called: poppy.

Internet use is charged at 2.00US$ per day per room and can be arranged at check-in.

The router should not be touched, if you are having trouble connecting you may need to move the device you are using.

Outdoor Area and Bicycle

The outdoor area is a common area where you can relax in the breeze. The large garbage bin, washing machine, clothesline and barbeque are located outside.

Using the outdoor area:

  • There are 2 switches on the small inside wall of the covered area. Only use the one that turns on the lantern above the table and make sure to turn them off when done.

  • There is a light above the back door that turns on automatically after dark. Allert the host if this is not working.

  • The camera above the table is fake (you are not being filmed) it just provides some passive security.

  • There are 4 green garden chairs for use outside (using the Kitchen chairs is also ok). PLEASE put all chairs back inside when not using them (especially in the evenings and at night)


  • The big green trash bin is located outside.

  • Recycling is uncommon on Curacao (see comment on the Kitchen page). Everything goes in the trash.

  • The trash bin should be on the sidewalk every Monday night so it can be emptied. Sometimes it takes until Wednesday for this to happen, please be patient.

  • The host usually takes the trash out on a Monday, if you notice it isn't there on Monday night please help us out.

  • If you notice the trash bin is empty on the street please bring it back to the outdoor area.

Clothesline and Washing:

  • See instructions for using the washing machine on the previous page.

  • The clothesline is between the wall and the covered area.

  • Remember to use clothes pegs on the clothesline or your items will end up on the ground.


  • The BBQ used to be the oven inside the house. We turned it 180 degrees so it can be used as a BBQ.

  • Use of this is your own responsibility.

  • Please only use charcoal (no wood) to fire the BBQ, you can find this and lighting fluid in the Colon Supermarket

  • There are some BBQ utensils near the left window in the living room.

  • Please clean up after yourself and leave the BBQ the way you found it. (NO hot ashes in the Trash)


  • The bike is free to use. Please make sure you return it in the same condition as you found it.

  • I do not recommend taking it for a long ride. Using it around town is fine but as you will notice there is not much room on the the streets and outside of town cars can be a hazzard.

  • The key for the bike is in the kitchen drawer closest to the refrigerator and the wall.

  • Please lock the bike when it is outside and return the key to the correct drawer.

  • Use of the bike is at your own risk. (damages or loss/theft will be charged a replacement fee of US$120)

Washing Machine Instructions

This exquisite Sonashi washing machine is (semi-)automatic. You will need to keep an eye on your washing but it works quickly and effectively. There is a US$3.00 charge per wash, please be honest and pay this to your host. Lets Get Washing!

  1. In the Kitchen table drawer closest to the wall and the refrigerator, find the little key with little red bottle-cap opener on it. You will need this to unlock the water supply.

  2. Grab an extension cord from above the refrigerator inside and plug the Sonashi in.

  3. Remove the cardboard cover and notice the 3 turn-able knobs on the top.

  • The left and right knobs are timers and the left-of middle knob selects the wash strength (strong or soft) and drains the wash tub.
  1. Open the wash tub (left compartment) and use the green hose to rinse the tub if needed. Make sure the middle knob is set to “Drain” so that the tub does not fill.

  2. After the water has drained completely, set the knob to “Soft” or “Strong” and add some washing powder to the left tub.

  3. Use the green hose to fill the tub about a quarter full (there are 3 level markers on the inside of the tub L, M and H) DO NOT fill past the H mark.

  4. Use the left timer knob to turn on the washing action and wait for the powder and water to mix and dissolve completely.

  5. Add your clothes (do not over fill!) and increase the water level to make sure the clothes are well covered. The tub can stay spinning.

  6. Adjust the left timer knob to about 9-12 minutes or however long you like depending on how dirty the clothes are.

  7. Shut the left tub and wait for the washer to stop.

  8. Drain the tub completely with the middle knob set to “Drain”

  9. Rinse off the clothes in the tub a bit if you like then set the middle knob back to “Soft” or “Strong” and fill up again with water.

  10. Set the timer to rinse the closes WITHOUT ADDING MORE POWDER.

  11. When the rinse is done, transfer some or all of the clothes to the right compartment.

  12. Press the clothes down into the centrifuge (right compartment), turn the right timer and shut the right compartment. It will start spinning.

  13. If it starts to shake without spinning quickly, open the compartment and either press the clothes down some more or remove some of them so the centrifuge spins freely. The centrifuge stops when you open the right lid.

  14. You can attach the green hose to the input on the right compartment and adjust the water flow so you can see it fall into the center of the spinning compartment. This will rinse the clothes even further.

  15. After a few minutes spinning remove the clothes and hang them on the line.

  16. If you want to make a contribution to the cost of cleaning your clothes, I ask for a donation of 3US$ per wash. Just let me know at checkout how many washes you did. If you need any professional washing done, there is a Laundromat on the way to town on the right hand side of the Bredestraat about 150m from the Hostel.

  17. Please leave the Sonashi as you found it, or make sure the tubs is clean, the extension cord on top of the refrigerator inside and the cover on the machine. Lock the water tap back up and return the key from the drawer mentioned in step 1.


Central City Map of Willemstad, Curacao.

Otrobanda, Punda, Pietermaai and Scharloo.

Map of Willemstad

Map Of Central Willemstad, Curacao. Click to see street names, and Bario of: Otrobanda, Punda, Scharloo and Pietermaai.


The green box with 20 on the left side of the map is the location of Poppy Hostel Curacao.

  1. Five Fingers Bar and Restaurant - Affordable Indonesian and Suriname food.

  2. Colon Supermarket and Gas Station – A small mall where you will find almost everything.

  3. Banks – 2 banks with ATMs. Remember US$ are accepted everywhere 1.75 local currency to 1US$. Euros will need to be changed at the bank. Curacao money will only be changed here.

  4. Laundromat and Kam-Tao Chinese “Snek”. Only open until about 6pm.

  5. Otrobanda Bus Station. Time table here :

  6. Punda Bus Station. Time table here :

  7. Netto Bar – Otrobanda's oldest bar pretty cozy and they brew their own green Rum!

  8. Miles Jazz Cafe – Live music, games and drinks.

  9. Mundo Bizzaro – Charming interior and live music.

  10. Floating Market – Fruit and vegetables sold right off Venezuelan boats.

  11. Old Market (Mache Bieu) – Authentic Curacao food in a poplar food-court. Lunch only.

Remember that when walking around Willemstad, treat it like you would any foreign city. Stay to the populated areas, especially at night. Walking in Punda or the main shopping street of Otrobanda is quite safe up until about midnight. Females should take into account that men on Curacao can be kind of macho, don't respond to unwanted attention. Driving on the island can be an adventure, don't expect the most courteous drivers but don't be afraid of: speed checks, alcohol checks or red light cameras. These things don't exist on the island.

Don't leave anything in your car. Paid parking spaces have a number on them.

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