Welcome to Poppy Hostel Curacao, the one and only “Homestel” on Curacao!

Poppy Hostel operates as a Hostel in a restored and renovated heritage home, hence the description “Homestel”. The house was constructed in 1904 and since 1998 has been classified as a heritage building as part of the Willemstad UNESCO World Heritage Site. It's main features and the reason for Heritage status are: The facade (notice the green Laraha orange tree on the crest in the triangle at the top front of the house, this fruit provides the flavor for our famous Blue Curacao), The old wood burning stove (now converted to an outside BBQ) and the 5 hipped roofs. The house is built in a common Neo-Classical style using traditional Curacao building material: Coral (and whatever they could find!) You will notice the thickness of the walls and the fact that there seems to be something growing on them. This growth is not alive, it is simply sea salt crystallizing in the humidity.

All rooms are private and the rest of the house and grounds are common areas. An absolute maximum of 7 guests are able to stay at any given time. Since most guests are adventurous solo travelers, new friendships are often made. Often guests decide to explore the island together, share a rental car, day trip and/or meals. Poppy Hostel has been host to over 250 guests from more than 30 different countries from all over the World!

Since the hostel aims to offer budget accommodation in a safe and clean environment, we kindly ask that Guests observe our main rule: Respect for Your Fellow Guests. Following this golden rule will ensure that everyone has and enjoyable and memorable stay. Just pretend you are staying at your friend's house and everyone will get along great. If there are reasonable concerns, please contact one of the representatives listed at the end of the manual.

In order to keep costs down for everyone, please stay conscious of energy and water use. Turn off all; fans, lights and appliances wen not in use. Limit your water and gas use and make sure you report any leaks or faults as soon as possible. Since many guests buy and use basic food products for cooking, check with people leaving if they still have usable items. Do not hesitate to use items (like; salt, oil, spices, tea/coffee etc.) left behind by past guests on the bottom shelves of the wall-hung kitchen cabinets.

All common areas (kitchen, bathrooms, living room and hallways) are cleaned every week. This is usually done around noontime by our friendly cleaner Michelle. Sometimes her daughter, Mayka helps out too after school. No problem if you are in the hostel, just let Michelle do her thing.

Wi-Fi use is charged at US$2.00 per day per room. Please arrange this with the host checking you in, this fee is collected at check in. The ADSL internet transfer speed is 25Mb/s and is suitable for every type of use (streaming, downloads, Skype, etc). Because the walls of the hostel are thick in places, smart-phones sometimes have trouble connecting. Laptops should be able to connect from every bedroom

There is a Washing Machine (see page 9) you can use for US$3.00 per wash (washing detergent not included). There is also a Laundromat on the right side of the Breedestraat as you walk into town.


Important Numbers, Dates and Contact Info

Numbers and Contacs:

Property Manager (Art Klep):

+44-7937787054 (What'sApp Reservations)

+31(0)6-12292818 (May.-Oct.)

+599-9-5109189 (Oct.-May)

Alternate contact (Frans de Laat): (+5999) 512-9165

Fixed-line phone at the hostel: (+5999) 462-3959

Emergency number: 911

Main contact email (Art Klep): artdeco55 at

Dates and Days:

Check-in times: 15:00 to 20:00
Check-out times: 8:00 to 12:00

Sunday is a very quiet day on Curacao as more than 80% of the population is Catholic.

  • Most shops are closed, especially after 2pm. (this includes the supermarket)

  • If you want to do food shopping on Sunday the Albert Hein (find it on google) on the Schottegatweg is open from 8am to 8pm every day (it is about a 10 minute drive)

  • Buses run less frequently or not at all on Sundays

Monday night is trash collection day, if the green trash bin is not on the sidewalk, please put it there.

Curacao Events Calendar: