This is the most visited part of the hostel. Besides guests personal food, everything in the kitchen may be used, respectfully of course. The knives & forks, etc. are in the drawer of the table closest to the kitchen sink. We try to keep all items as clean and tidy as possible, please help us to do the same.

Please clean up left over food, dishes and utensils as soon as possible. In this climate this is the best way to avoid unwanted insects.

Recycling on curacao is uncommon. You can find a place to recycle glass outside the Colon Supermarket. Everything else should be thrown in the big green bin outside.

Certain common items may be there for you to use: Coffee filters, Salt and Spices, Cooking Oil etc. Talk to your fellow guests if you have any doubts about what you can use.

There is a small black and white cat that has adopted Poppy Hostel. She is friendly and sociable and helps keep lizards and things away. You are welcome to feed/pat/cuddle her, she has a permanent home so don't feel obliged. Try not to lock her in the house when you leave.

This is maintained for you:

  • Clean dish towels.

  • Dish washing liquid (yellow).

  • Hand soap (not yellow).

  • Plastic trash bags. (please use these inside the trash bin inside)

  • Reuseable shopping bags.

  • Sponges, Dish brush and cloth. Have a look under the sink if you can't find them.

Kitchen table:

  • Things in the drawers are also there for you to use. If you need something have a look around before you buy something, it may already be there for you.

  • The middle drawer also has Poppy Hostel Business Cards, feel free to take and/or distribute some.

  • There are brochures, maps and island guides on the table and in the drawers for you to use.


  • Find some space for your food. Writing your name on things is not essential if you communicate with the other guests.

  • To avoid food spoilage and insects (especially for guests staying longer), it is recommended to put things like; rice, muesli and bread in the fridge or freezer if you do not plan to use them quickly.

Sink and Stove:

  • There is a fluorescent light above the sink. The switch is at eye level, on the other side of the white trim of the cabinets.

  • To help prevent water splashes causing problems, please replace the plastic covers on the power points when they are not in use. Try to keep water in the sink as much as possible

  • The gas stove and oven need to be lit by hand. Please make sure to shut off the gas after use


There are 2 identical and newly renovated bathrooms at Poppy Hostel. Each bathroom is shared by up to 3-4 people, please use the bathroom indicated by the host that checks you in. If your bathroom is in use and you can't wait, using the other one is not a problem. Please respect other guests' toiletries (sometimes things like shampoo are left behind, just ask the other people using your bathroom).

Each bathroom can be locked from the inside. Just like the rooms, you can lock yourself out of the bathroom. If this happens: there are 2 keys (on a yellow plastic label) in the middle drawer of the kitchen table. Please, only use these to unlock the door if you are locked out, don't "surprise" your fellow guests. Put keys back in the same drawer.

Leaving some toiletries in the bathrooms is OK. Please do not leave your towels in the bathrooms. There are hooks provided for your towels in every bedroom.

The following items are provided for and maintained you:

  • Hand soap.
  • Toilet paper.
  • Floor mat. (after they are washed you may find them drying on the clothesline, put them back in the bathroom if you don't see them in the bathroom)


  • As you will have noticed water on Curacao is never cold. If you want to take a "hot" shower do so in the afternoon. Tap water in Otrobanda is solar heated ;)
  • There is no “hot” water. If you find the water too cold in the mornings, showering in the afternoon will be warmer.

  • Thanks to Island contracting skills, the floor of the showers collect some water. This is unavoidable.

  • Please help keep the showers in a state you would like to find them in.




  • Please do not use too much Toilet paper! Parts of the sewage system are as old as the house and sometimes get clogged if too much is used.

  •  If the toilet should clog, STOP flushing if the water rises.

  • If you are adventurous: There is an inspection lid outside on the path behind the bathrooms. Turning this lid off will expose the obstruction. Just move it along with a stick (there is one near the BBQ area)