Lounge (Living Room) Outdoor & Bike

This common area is for everyone to relax in. Please do not use the area for personal items when you are not around. Do not add or remove any furniture to or from the Lounge. The front door is a bit complicated to open, for security reasons it should stay closed. The shutters may opened, please close them when not in the room.

TV, DVD player and DVDs:

  • The TV only recieves local, free-to-air stations mainly in Papiamentu and Spanish.

  • Use the AV input on the TV to select the DVD player.

  • There are a bunch of DVDs you can use, Please put them back in their cases.

  • The DVD player also plays DIVX video files through the USB port on the front.

Books and Games:

  • The cabinet has a small library of books in various languages. You are welcome to take, borrow or leave behind any book you want.

  • There are some games and playing cards in the drawers for you to use.

Telephone and WiFi Router:

Are both located next to the TV.

The Telephone is prepaid. If you want to make a call you may need to buy a Tilin phone card. Follow the instructions on the card to transfer credit to the phone. Only buy a Tilin phone card.

If you hear the phone ring, it's probably one of the hosts calling. Please answer the phone.

The Wifi network is called: poppy.

Internet use is charged at 2.00US$ per day per room and can be arranged at check-in.

The router should not be touched, if you are having trouble connecting you may need to move the device you are using.

Outdoor Area and Bicycle

The outdoor area is a common area where you can relax in the breeze. The large garbage bin, washing machine, clothesline and barbeque are located outside.

Using the outdoor area:

  • There are 2 switches on the small inside wall of the covered area. Only use the one that turns on the lantern above the table and make sure to turn them off when done.

  • There is a light above the back door that turns on automatically after dark. Allert the host if this is not working.

  • The camera above the table is fake (you are not being filmed) it just provides some passive security.

  • There are 4 green garden chairs for use outside (using the Kitchen chairs is also ok). PLEASE put all chairs back inside when not using them (especially in the evenings and at night)


  • The big green trash bin is located outside.

  • Recycling is uncommon on Curacao (see comment on the Kitchen page). Everything goes in the trash.

  • The trash bin should be on the sidewalk every Monday night so it can be emptied. Sometimes it takes until Wednesday for this to happen, please be patient.

  • The host usually takes the trash out on a Monday, if you notice it isn't there on Monday night please help us out.

  • If you notice the trash bin is empty on the street please bring it back to the outdoor area.

Clothesline and Washing:

  • See instructions for using the washing machine on the previous page.

  • The clothesline is between the wall and the covered area.

  • Remember to use clothes pegs on the clothesline or your items will end up on the ground.


  • The BBQ used to be the oven inside the house. We turned it 180 degrees so it can be used as a BBQ.

  • Use of this is your own responsibility.

  • Please only use charcoal (no wood) to fire the BBQ, you can find this and lighting fluid in the Colon Supermarket

  • There are some BBQ utensils near the left window in the living room.

  • Please clean up after yourself and leave the BBQ the way you found it. (NO hot ashes in the Trash)


  • The bike is free to use. Please make sure you return it in the same condition as you found it.

  • I do not recommend taking it for a long ride. Using it around town is fine but as you will notice there is not much room on the the streets and outside of town cars can be a hazzard.

  • The key for the bike is in the kitchen drawer closest to the refrigerator and the wall.

  • Please lock the bike when it is outside and return the key to the correct drawer.

  • Use of the bike is at your own risk. (damages or loss/theft will be charged a replacement fee of US$120)