Central City Map of Willemstad, Curacao.

Otrobanda, Punda, Pietermaai and Scharloo.

Map of Willemstad

Map Of Central Willemstad, Curacao. Click to see street names, and Bario of: Otrobanda, Punda, Scharloo and Pietermaai.


The green box with 20 on the left side of the map is the location of Poppy Hostel Curacao.

  1. Five Fingers Bar and Restaurant - Affordable Indonesian and Suriname food.

  2. Colon Supermarket and Gas Station – A small mall where you will find almost everything.

  3. Banks – 2 banks with ATMs. Remember US$ are accepted everywhere 1.75 local currency to 1US$. Euros will need to be changed at the bank. Curacao money will only be changed here.

  4. Laundromat and Kam-Tao Chinese “Snek”. Only open until about 6pm.

  5. Otrobanda Bus Station. Time table here : http://liveincuracao.com/index.php?p=45

  6. Punda Bus Station. Time table here : http://liveincuracao.com/index.php?p=191

  7. Netto Bar – Otrobanda's oldest bar pretty cozy and they brew their own green Rum!

  8. Miles Jazz Cafe – Live music, games and drinks.

  9. Mundo Bizzaro – Charming interior and live music.

  10. Floating Market – Fruit and vegetables sold right off Venezuelan boats.

  11. Old Market (Mache Bieu) – Authentic Curacao food in a poplar food-court. Lunch only.

Remember that when walking around Willemstad, treat it like you would any foreign city. Stay to the populated areas, especially at night. Walking in Punda or the main shopping street of Otrobanda is quite safe up until about midnight. Females should take into account that men on Curacao can be kind of macho, don't respond to unwanted attention. Driving on the island can be an adventure, don't expect the most courteous drivers but don't be afraid of: speed checks, alcohol checks or red light cameras. These things don't exist on the island.

Don't leave anything in your car. Paid parking spaces have a number on them.

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