Washing Machine Instructions

This exquisite Sonashi washing machine is (semi-)automatic. You will need to keep an eye on your washing but it works quickly and effectively. There is a US$3.00 charge per wash, please be honest and pay this to your host. Lets Get Washing!

  1. In the Kitchen table drawer closest to the wall and the refrigerator, find the little key with little red bottle-cap opener on it. You will need this to unlock the water supply.

  2. Grab an extension cord from above the refrigerator inside and plug the Sonashi in.

  3. Remove the cardboard cover and notice the 3 turn-able knobs on the top.

  • The left and right knobs are timers and the left-of middle knob selects the wash strength (strong or soft) and drains the wash tub.
  1. Open the wash tub (left compartment) and use the green hose to rinse the tub if needed. Make sure the middle knob is set to “Drain” so that the tub does not fill.

  2. After the water has drained completely, set the knob to “Soft” or “Strong” and add some washing powder to the left tub.

  3. Use the green hose to fill the tub about a quarter full (there are 3 level markers on the inside of the tub L, M and H) DO NOT fill past the H mark.

  4. Use the left timer knob to turn on the washing action and wait for the powder and water to mix and dissolve completely.

  5. Add your clothes (do not over fill!) and increase the water level to make sure the clothes are well covered. The tub can stay spinning.

  6. Adjust the left timer knob to about 9-12 minutes or however long you like depending on how dirty the clothes are.

  7. Shut the left tub and wait for the washer to stop.

  8. Drain the tub completely with the middle knob set to “Drain”

  9. Rinse off the clothes in the tub a bit if you like then set the middle knob back to “Soft” or “Strong” and fill up again with water.

  10. Set the timer to rinse the closes WITHOUT ADDING MORE POWDER.

  11. When the rinse is done, transfer some or all of the clothes to the right compartment.

  12. Press the clothes down into the centrifuge (right compartment), turn the right timer and shut the right compartment. It will start spinning.

  13. If it starts to shake without spinning quickly, open the compartment and either press the clothes down some more or remove some of them so the centrifuge spins freely. The centrifuge stops when you open the right lid.

  14. You can attach the green hose to the input on the right compartment and adjust the water flow so you can see it fall into the center of the spinning compartment. This will rinse the clothes even further.

  15. After a few minutes spinning remove the clothes and hang them on the line.

  16. If you want to make a contribution to the cost of cleaning your clothes, I ask for a donation of 3US$ per wash. Just let me know at checkout how many washes you did. If you need any professional washing done, there is a Laundromat on the way to town on the right hand side of the Bredestraat about 150m from the Hostel.

  17. Please leave the Sonashi as you found it, or make sure the tubs is clean, the extension cord on top of the refrigerator inside and the cover on the machine. Lock the water tap back up and return the key from the drawer mentioned in step 1.