Your Room


  • Your room will be cleaned before and after your stay.

  • During your stay the cleaning of your room is your responsibility. (equipment for this is in the kitchen)

  • Sheets and towels are provided as part of your room fees. Caring for the is your responsibility during your stay. We have a washing machine (see instructions) or we can provide you a clean set for US$15.00 (US$20.00 for queen-size and 2 towels)

  • No one will enter your room during your stay without prior notification.

  • Please do not leave food in your room to avoid attracting insects etc.

  • Please turn off the fans and lights when you are not in your room, power is very expensive on Curacao!

  • Do not add, move or remove any furniture to/from the room without prior consent.

  • Keep the shutters closed at night and when you are not in your room. The mosquitto netting is there for your protection, leave shutters open at your own risk.

  • Please report any defects, faults and problems as soon as you notice them. (all 110V power sockets should be in working order, there are some European 220V outlets)

  • Leave all furniture in the same state/place as how/where you found them.

  • Only the agreed upon number of guests in each room.

  • For a description of keys, see the Security section on the next page.


House and Keys:

Poppy Hostel is well secured with shutters and security fencing. Please use them when you are not in the rooms/house. There are security lights at the front and back doors, please use the back door to enter and leave the house.



  • The street provides free parking closest to town. If you have a car, be aware that, in town, a parking space with numbers indicates you will need to pay for parking.

  • If you have a car, don't leave anything in your car when parking anywhere! Most beaches and tourist attractions have security at parking areas. Be especially careful when parking in seemingly deserted areas (or maybe 1 or 2 cars). Places like Shete Boca National Park and some of the quieter beaches are notorious for break-ins.

  • The Mgr. Niewindtstraat is a safe residential street. Most of the inhabitants are aware of the hostel and are very friendly and approachable. Don't hesitate to introduce yourself, especially to Gabi, the gentleman who lives in the downstairs of the green house next-door. He is very kind and sociable and also the chairman of the local community organization.

  • The main road to Punda (left at the cross-road) is called Breedestraat and is safe for foot traffic until at least midnight. If you can, travel with a companion after dark. Use your common sense when exploring the Town and the Island, like you would in any foreign country. Curacao men can be a bit macho, female guests out exploring should keep this in mind and realize that any attention is usually meant well. Other parts of Otrobanda (and Willemstad) are best explored on foot during the day.

  • Each room has a keychain with either 3 or 5 keys. Please use them and keep them on your person to avoid locking them in your room. The first lock-out will be unlocked for free, any consequent ones will incur a US$15.00 (25.00 guilders) charge. No guest has locked themselves out more than once, don't be the first one!

  • The key with the corners on it is for your room, the longest key is for the wooden outside door and the smaller key with Hartman on it is for the padlock to the gate. The 2 other small keys are for your dresser (wardrobe) and the safe inside it. If you are checking-out by yourself, please leave them in your room, DO NOT lock the room.

  • There will be a US$50.00 fee for replacing lost keys that will be charged to you on delivery or deducted from your security deposit, credit card or from you personally.